Thursday, February 3, 2011

For The Love Project-Then and Now

My sweet blog friend, Ashley, let me know about a project she is participating in at Willette Designs, Inc. , Joy of Love (click link above)

This is a great project.  Kelly will email you an assignment each day.  This project is happening everyday in February.  I got in on Day 3 in which the assignment is:

How long have you known your loved one?  What has changed since you first met him or her?  Try to capture this change in photos. it would be even cooler if you can show a photo from the time you first met him and put it side by side with a now photo. Or have your loved one hold the “Then” photo and snap the camera.

Kelly took her photo at f/2.5, SS 1/200th, ISO 2000.  My camera will only go down to f5 so that is what I used.

I decided to take a picture of my oldest son, Kanin, who is 7 holding his hospital newborn picture.
1/200s, f5.0, ISO2000
I made Kanin move to a spot where there was a white wall. settings.  You can really tell the difference.

1/100s, f5.0, ISO2000

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  1. I love this April! You did a great job. The lighting and color in the 2nd photo are perfect. Your camera looks like it takes great photos at that high ISO! That's awesome. What kind do you have?