Monday, January 24, 2011

Farmgirl Paints Thrive Project: Shutter Speed

While I was busy with some blog hops today, I found this awesome new blog Farmgirl Paints.  Becky is an uber-talented artist who artist who is currently taking a photography class.  After the photography class, she is then blogging about what she has learned and giving all of us some helpful hints.  She is calling it the Thrive Project.

This week's topic is Shutter speed.  Shutter speed, in a nutshell, is how fast your shutter opens and closes.  The longer it opens, the blurrier the picture can be.  The shorter the speed, the more crisp the picture.  On your camera, the higher the bottom number (1/30, 1/60, 1/200, etc) the faster the speed.  So 1/500 is 1/500th of a second-fast, 1/30 is 1/30th of a second-slow.

This picture was taken at 1/60s, f4.5 ISO 640
Of course, since I have NO IDEA what I am doing, this is one of the cutest looks I got from him all day.  :(

This picture was taken at 1/200s, f4.8, ISO640

I am going to continue to work on shutter speed the rest of this week.
Any comments or suggestions are definitely welcome!

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  1. Hi April. What a cute guy you have! You definitely got some blur in the first picture. I don't know what I'm doing either if that makes you feel any better. Thanks so much for participating. Can't wait to see what you come up with for next week:)