Friday, February 19, 2010

Friends Are Forever

I could not decide between these 2 pics of my Sweet Baby Caleb. Right now it seems as if everything goes straight into this mouth. He has 3 teeth already and he is only 7 months old so I had to post a pic of his fingers in his mouth.

Of course, most importantly, is what we like to call his "Friend" or "Snuggie". This little stuffed animal has given Caleb so many sleep-filled moments, comfort when in times of need and a lot of security and love.

(Not sure of the F or Speed on either of these but the ISO is on the Lo0.3. I'm just getting started on using the actual controls and not the pres-set ones. )

(Not the best pic because it is really dark in the back. I kept it, though, because this is what Caleb spends most of his time doing).

(I thought that the color came out in this pic nicely).

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